Learn about the latest phishing scam that is targeting small business owners. We also talk about how the spam folder is imperfect, and may miss fraud emails like that, but also trap legitimate emails.

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– Ryan tells how a customer of ours got an email with the line “You have undelivered mail clustered on your cloud” from “Rackspace” (a major email host), and how it tricked them into clicking a link to “release messages to inbox”

– phishing is a hacking term and it means that people are angling to get your account details and passwords; luckily our customer contacted us right away and we were able to reset her to a newer password and so it looked like no damage was done

– Ryan mentions some red flags in common fishing emails, like the domain that the email is coming from is often a different country (eg. instead of “.com” it’s “.de”)

– the spam folder is imperfect, and will let through messages like these, but often trap legitimate messages from real contacts that you want to receive; Ryan recommends checking your spam at least once a week to see if any real messages got trapped, and then marking them as “safe” or “important” so your inbox learns how to handle them in the future

– Sean talks about all his experience doing email marketing with various companies and different providers, and how email delivery is imperfect, and for some periods of time a major provider will be unable to send to a contact even if that contact willingly signed up to your list (eg. Hotmail seems to almost always mark Mailchimp messages as spam)

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