Sean discusses the 3 major online ad platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) and when you should use each.

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– these are General Rules… if you have deep pockets and a long timeline you can likely break them, but otherwise if you are unsure about online advertising then this should help

– you could use all three platforms if your target audiences match them, this is just a broad indication of what they are best for

– people are looking for something, so you are catching them potentially in the middle of the decision-making cycle… satisfying demand
– YES: if people are aware of your solution/product, and demand is high
– NO: if people are unaware or don’t search for that type of business online (eg. maybe it’s a handshake deal type of industry)
– look at context by searching for the phrases you want to target and see what comes up… if it’s all government or informational sites, probably not the best use of your money

The other two platforms:
– these are for people who are not looking for something specifically, so you are creating demand
– unless your offer is really compelling and easy to understand, think of these ads as multiple touches (you will probably have to reach an individual with multiple ads or take them offline — eg. phone — to get them further on the buying cycle)

– best for Business To Consumer
– you can target by interests, some behaviors (like frequent traveler), relationship status
– most ad campaigns are going to take people off of the Facebook platform and onto a website… but there are two types of ads that keep people on the platform (which may help with trust, especially if your target audience has never heard of you before)… Lead Ads and Click To Message… if someone is monitoring your account, you may get a lot more responses for a lot cheaper if you try the Click To Message, meaning when they click on your ad their little messenger window will pop up and it just makes it really easy for them

– best for Business To Business
– same as Facebook, you have options to take people to your website, or you can leave them on the platform… three on-platform options are Lead Forms, Message Ads (which just sends the contacts a direct message) or Conversations (which is like a message but with multiple options, kind of a choose-your-own-adventure)
– you can make a list of specific companies you want to target, and then drill down to job titles or seniority… or you can target by company size and industry, etc

– and of course both platforms let you target by age, by sex, and by location

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