Sean discusses the situations when you should create a unique landing page, and how to structure such a landing page.

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– Google announced new ranking factors for 2021: “core web vitals” (how quickly a webpage loads, becomes interactive, and offers visual stability)

– those factors are part of user experience, they are not super specific things you need to immediately go “change” or “do” on your site… just make sure your site works properly when people use it — no matter the device — and you should be fine

– the main topic is building a landing page / one-page website (either on a new domain or as a hidden page of your existing website)… you may want to do this if you have an ad campaign (online or offline) or if you want to test out a new idea/concept/product/service

– usually the purpose of such a landing page is to get a lead; a lead can be someone filling in a form or calling you

– in some cases the landing page could have an order form or buy button, but that’s not what we’re talking about today

– there is a simple structure you can follow when you create a landing page:

> headline + subhead
> story
> bullets
> close

– the headline should be compelling, related directly to solving the viewer’s pain, and a close match to the words you’ve used in your ad campaign up until this point to get them to this page

– the story should be something interesting or entertaining, sometimes personal to you, or a story about someone who had the problem you are helping solve… if you want to use a video rather than text at this point, that works fine, too

– the bullets (or “fascinations”) are where you list all the benefits or quirky facts about your service/product, and it helps to use some curiosity here

– don’t worry about writing too much; make sure you hit upon every pain point, every usage, and every scenario that an ideal customer may have

– the close is where you ask the viewer to do something, and then tell them what will happen next (eg. “fill in the form and we’ll call you within 24 hours”)

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