Ryan talks about website update troubles, fake Google calls, and wasted web design “real estate”.

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– Ryan’s role as sales manager of Websites.ca means that he talks to all people who have questions about starting up with us, and he also does a yearly review with each current customer… which is where he hears about concerns that we will talk about on this podcast

– issue of the week: Ryan talked to a non-profit org about their fundraising event and how they were not able to update their website with the info about the event… they were not a Websites.ca customer, so he switched them over to our service where they can either send all their future updates in to our staff or log on and edit the website (easily) themselves

– if you can’t easily update your website, then you may as well not have one at all

– what to avoid this week: businesses are still getting those phony calls about their “Google Listing” — don’t be tricked into thinking Google is calling you, and don’t worry about being “delisted” on the search… just ignore these calls

– when a company says they are “working with Google” it just means that they are a Google Partner (which is a basic-level certification)… it doesn’t mean they have some kind of special relationship that will benefit you in any way

– website social share buttons: for most small businesses these are a waste of time, and you would be better off removing them and concentrating on one impactful Call To Action that doesn’t send people away from your website

– it’s rarely helpful for a small business to copy what big corporations are doing on their websites; if you are going to choose a model, then choose a business very similar to yours that you know is having success online for the same goal(s) you have

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