Ryan and Sean talk about giving your customers alternative options for online reviews, contact methods, and more.

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– people may be focusing more online (and taking less holidays) this winter

– when looking to redo/update their sites, most business owners feel more pain and uncertainty over the process, energy, and time involved… than any particular technical problem they are trying to solve (but those fears are unfounded when dealing with Websites.ca)

– Google My Business: reviews are important and come up in search results

– compare a business who already has a business listing, then imagine 5 years from now — businesses will have hundreds of reviews… so how does a new business compete with that?

– get a Business listing asap

– note about Google: make all your information consistent across all platforms (eg. if you write your business name ending in an “Inc.”, always do it, don’t write “Incorporated” or “Inc” (without a period)

– getting listed high on the search engines takes time; maybe while you wait you could do Google Ads to come up first… but they need to be constantly monitored, so get help from a pro (or learn yourself)

– back to reviews, some customers don’t have a Google account and don’t want one (so they can’t leave reviews)

– in that case, you can put a simple form on your own website to harvest reviews from less tech-savvy clients

– it doesn’t have to just be reviews, you can put simple (non-ecommerce) order forms on your site

– for reviews, you can also send people to your Facebook page (which may feed review data to Google searches)

– the idea here is to give your clients multiple options online (email, phone, forms, different listings and social media accounts)

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