Health from Europe

Delicious. Healthy. Memorable.

We are an online store based in Montreal, QC and we offer to you high-quality, natural and organic products from Old Europe, made with care and sustainable methods by small-scale artisans and producers.
⦿ Our mission is to proudly promote small European producers across the ocean, making it possible for you to discover and enjoy new experiences with their healthy and savory goodies.
⦿ There is one condition, though. We have zero-tolerance for preservatives, additives, or anything chemical.

Get tips and advice on how to get the most out of your small business website with our web design, sales, and marketing expert hosts Ryan Desmarais and Sean Corbett.

Latest Episode

Email Automation Brainstorming Session – Talk Ep. 32

EG Orren returns to do an in-depth brainstorm session with Sean about how small businesses can more than double their revenue (and free up the time of their best performers) by planning out email automation sequences.