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Regina, The Queen City


Built on a flat, treeless plain near Wascana Creek, a tributary of the Qu’Appelle River, Saskatchewan’s capital and 2nd largest city, Regina is located on the Trans-Canada Highway 600km west of Winnipeg and 775 km east of Calgary, and 260km south of Saskatoon on Saskatchewan Highway 11.


The CMA Population of greater Regina is about 265,000. Around 93% of the population speak English as their first language, French is about 6%, and other languages are about 1% in order of size: German, Filipino, Chinese, Ukrainian, and Urdu.


Originally called Wascana, which means ‘buffalo bones’ in Cree, it was renamed Regina (Latin for ‘queen’) in 1882 in honor of Queen Victoria.

Wascana creek was dammed in 1883 to create Wascana Lake and Wascana Centre, a 930-hectare urban park. The park was designed around the Saskatchewan Legislative Building and includes the University of Regina and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.


The largest employers in Regina are the provincial government and crown corporations including Sasktel and Saskatchewan Government Insurance, then natural resources (oil, natural gas, fertilizer), and agriculture and related industries.


There are more than 23,000 local and small businesses in the Greater Regina Area,


Regina has warm summers and cold, dry winters. A humid continental climate, more than 70% of average annual precipitation falls during the warmest six months. Prone to extremes all year long, the lowest temperature ever recorded was -50.0°C in 1885 and highest was 42.9°C in 1937.


Two notable people born in Regina are actor Leslie Neilson and entrepreneur and wealthiest person in the world Elon Musk’s mother Maye Musk.

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