Discovery Island Provincial Park

Discovery Island Provincial Park - 61 ha. Located 2 nautical miles East of Victoria offshore from Oak Bay.

The park is the southern part only; the northern portion is Indian Reserve lands and should not be entered without permission. Approach with caution as there are many rocks and islets and no safe anchorage. Currents in Haro Strait may be strong. The main access to the park is via the rock and reef-strewn Rudlin Bay, which is exposed to the elements from the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Haro Strait. Kayakers can launch from Cattle Point, just North of Oak Bay Marina. Crossings are best made at slack tide in calm weather.

The park features a large, open field, southwest of Pandora Hill, where campers can set up a tent. In the spring, a colourful array of wildflowers blooms in the woodlands and meadows.

The trail leading east to Pandora Hill crosses private property and is closed to the public. Please respect the trail closure.

The northern portion of Discovery Island, adjacent Chatham Island and some of the smaller islands nearby are First Nations Reserve lands. Please respect these areas. Several of the nearby islands constitute parts of the Oak Bay Island’s Ecological Reserve. These habitats are extremely sensitive to human disturbance and vulnerable to the introduction of non-native animal or plant species. Please do not enter into these areas.

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