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Tutta la Vita means ‘whole life’ in Italian. *Full disclosure, although my Dad is Italian born and speaking, I speak essentially zero Italian*. HOWEVER I’ve fully adopted this phrase as my mantra because, for me, a whole and full life wouldn’t be possible without creating, sharing and enjoying beautiful meals with my loved ones and you guys! It nourishes my soul and fills me with a whole lot of happiness.

My love for food and eating began at a young age having grown up with two of the best cooks I know, my parents. Homemade meals made from mostly whole food ingredients were my norm. My parents’ passion for food, cooking and entertaining is contagious and definitely influences how I cook and enjoy food today. Somewhere in my high school years I developed an interest in nutrition and healthy eating habits. This led me to study food and nutrition at the University of Manitoba, where I obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Human Nutritional Sciences and this lead to work in the area of research.

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