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Over 90% of small businesses qualify for free setup and will also save on their yearly website charges.

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Ryan Desmarais has been working with small business owners for over 20 years.

He’ll help you:

  • get clear answers and fast turnaround time on web updates

  • save money on yearly website fees

  • refresh an old or out of date site

  • only pay for what you actually need

  • get a mobile-friendly site that shows up on Google

Great company to work with. Quick to help in all areas.

Brad Barkman

Barkman Appliance Service

Websites.ca has been running my website for 2 years, they are the best, calls and emails returned very quick always ready to help.

Harv Toore

Custom Residential & Commercial Glass

When we started offering Switch For Free a lot of people asked:

“Is this too good to be true? What’s the catch?!”

There is no catch. It just got silly because so many small businesses told us horror stories of bad website providers, getting way overcharged with confusing bills and tons of useless add-ons, and they couldn’t even get timely help or pleasant service when they asked for it.

But… since they had such a bad experience with one web provider, they were worried that switching to a new provider would mean going through these same headaches all over again.

And they didn’t want to pay to setup a new site, since they already paid for their current site.

So we just removed all those obstacles.

Switch For Free does not come with crazy promises that you will be number 1 on Google forever, or that your website sales will triple, or anything hokey like that.

Very simply — we will be a dependable, friendly provider that maintains a proper modern website so you can spend time running your business without ever having to worry about it… and at a really low (and easy to understand) yearly price.

We searched across Canada to put together a “superstar” Support Team to take care of you.

Websites.ca has been around since 1999, and — just like I’m sure you have experienced — not every worker has the “give a sh*t” gene.

Well, we filter for those special people. We can train anyone about hosting and SEO and web design, but we can’t force staff to care about helping your business be a success. So now we just hire that attitude right out of the gate.

I’ll bet you’ll be really shocked and pleased to deal with people who finally care about you.

You’ll start by chatting with me, Ryan Desmarais. I’ve been helping small businesses with their websites for over twenty years!

You tell me about your web presence and your business, and I will answer honestly if our service is a good fit for you.

If not, no hard feelings. It’s just a quick phone call.

But if we can help, and can switch you for free and eliminate all the other headaches you have with your current website provider, what have you got to lose?

If that sounds good, let’s go…

I am a small business so I wanted to keep costs at a minimum, but also not have a website that looked “cheap”. Websites.ca made the whole process very easy for me and cost effective.

Garnet Coria

AG Property Services

We often receive compliments on our website. Great, friendly, helpful, professional best describe Websites.ca!

Christelle Manaigre-Baggs

Lilac Resort

What’s Included

Updates, Help, Training, and Advice
  • You can call or email any time with changes for your website. We’ll take care of it and make sure everything looks great – usually within a day or two.
  • We can help you figure out what types of information you should put on your website, depending on your industry or type of business.
  • We can show you how to use the WordPress tools to update your website yourself if you want.
  • We can set up or delete email accounts, reset passwords, and set up email forwards and groups.
  • We can help you understand how everything about the search engines work, give you tips and suggestions on how to improve, and help you track your progress with Google Analytics statistics.
  • Up to 3 hours of Updates, Help, Training, and Advice is included per month – limited to 12 hours per year (extra work is billed at $75/hr).
Secure WordPress Hosting
  • Our servers and your website are optimized for WordPress speed and performance.
  • 24/7 security scanning keeps your website protected.
  • Your website is backed up nightly.
  • We take care of keeping the WordPress software and Plugins up-to-date.
  • Comes with a security certificate (https).
Domain Name Management
  • We’ll move your domain name to our system, manage it for you, and take care of the yearly renewal.
  • Any domain names we manage for you are registered in your name and you can take over control of them at any time.
Email Accounts
  • We can move over your existing email accounts, or set up new ones that match your website (you@yourwebsite.ca) – 5 accounts are included.
  • Email boxes have 25GB of space so you will never have to worry about running out of space and all of your old message are stored and saved.
  • We can set up forwarding or groups (for example an address like info@yourwebsite.ca can be set up to forward a message to one person or to many people in your organization).
  • We’ll help you set up your computer, laptop, cellphone, tablet or any device so you can send/receive email and keep everything in sync.
On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • We make sure all of the pages of your website are set up to get the best results on Google based on your business type and where you do business (the page names, the titles, the headlines, and the page descriptions).
Website Traffic Statistics
  • We set up an amazing tool for tracking your traffic statistics, Google Analytics.
  • You can access your Google Analytics account to see how much traffic is coming to your website, from where, and which pages they are visiting.
  • We can also set up a report of the the information that is most critical to you and it gets sent to your email each month.
Google My Business Listing
  • We set up your Google My Business Listing which is one of the most important things you need to make sure your website and business are showing up in the Google search results.
  • Your listing shows up in the Google search results when somebody does a local search and shows your business name, address, hours, reviews, business categories, and website link.
Directory Listing & Backlink
  • we add your site to our business directory (the fastest growing directory for Canadian businesses on the web!)
  • this gives you a valuable backlink that Google counts as a “vote of confidence” towards your website
Custom Design, Development & Extras
  • If you need more than 3 hrs per month of updates, help, training, and advice just let us know.
  • A Project Manager will work with you directly to help you plan everything, they’ll organize all of the work, and show you the progress as it happens.
  • Custom development is billed at $75/hr
  • You can also add extra domain names or email accounts:
    • Add a domain name (.ca, .com, .net, or .org): $3/month
    • Add 25GB email accounts: $10/month for 5 additional accounts

Common Questions

What are your hosting fees?

We offer a full-service website package for $65/month (paid yearly). All-in, no hidden charges.

Check the “What’s Included” section on this page for a complete run down of the package.

And if you ever need custom work beyond this regular service, we can accommodate you for $75/hr.

Will my site go offline during the switch?

No, the switch will be a smooth transition (no downtime).

When we start the launch process, visitors will still be able to see your old site. After a few hours, visitors will then start to see the new site instead.

So visitors will either see the old site or the new site, but never no site at all.

What happens to my domain name, can I keep it?

Yes, you can keep your domain.

Whatever your website address is now, it will stay the same.

But if you want a new domain instead, we can register one for you as well. So both options are available.

Will I be able to send and receive emails during the switch?

We will let you know right before we change any of your email server settings.

There can be a short disruption of emails on the day of the switch, but you will not lose any messages.

If you use a program to manage your email (like Outlook), we will give you instructions on how to make the transition. But ultimately it is best to notify your IT person in these cases.

I need to change some info on my website... how does that work?

You will be able to make any changes you need after the switch is complete and your new site is launched.

The “Switch For Free” offer means that we take your current website content, with no changes. We do this to make the switch as fast and easy as possible for you.

Then, once the new site is live, you will be given a username and password to make unlimited changes yourself. Or you can get help from our Support Team (up to 3 hours of updating work is included, for free, each month).