Ryan and Sean take you behind the scenes on how web designers / support teams think and talk, so you can dictate requests that get done more efficiently and quickly.

Click above to listen to the 20 min audio.

Read Show Notes
– Ryan mentions that we are getting a lot of requests for a “covid message template”, and you should take this opportunity to write a custom, personalize message instead of just copying someone else
– Sean tells you the Dos and Don’ts of making a keyword list for us to target on your site (which is a shortened version of this detailed article on picking keywords)
– Ryan points out that, for all website updates to be done correctly and quickly, it’s best if you isolate each request on its own numbered line, and be sure to clearly identify the page in question
– sometimes it’s necessary to send an email AND hop on the phone to clarify a more detailed request (which will save time in the long run)… and that’s why Websites.ca has an all-Canadian support staff who will get on your level and not speak in techy jargon
– you will be happier with the quality of support you get if you consistently use the same terms with your provider — for instance, we call the top of the site the “header” and the bottom the “footer” and those items are the same (aka “global”) no matter what page you are on

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