Ryan and Sean discuss some simple ways that businesses can pivot online (in times of crisis, or just in general). The focus is on simple, actionable tips that don’t cost a lot and can be implemented quickly.

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– Ryan just helped a butcher shop implement curbside pickup: he helped them boil down a list of their top selling products, then had our Support staff add a simple online order form to their website

– having a simple form (with no actual online sales) is a quick-turnaround update, much faster and less expensive than adopting a full ecommerce platform

– Sean has seen a few businesses use Interac to accept payments, by simply noting the email address where the payment should be sent and providing a one-sentence instruction right on the Contact page… again, fast and easy

– in times of crisis, like Covid-19, it actually becomes easier to generate content for your business (eg. blog posts and social media updates) because you can naturally just speak about how your business is being affected and how you are dealing with it

– your customers/audience will be thankful that you are keeping them up to date

– an efficient way to work urgent updates into your website design is to have us add a Blog Post Slider module to your Home page: this pulls the info from all your latest posts and displays it on a carousel front-and-centre on the site

– when you come up with content or crisis response statements, it’s not that helpful to just repeat what everyone else is saying (that doesn’t make you stand out)… so think about some honest, authentic things you can report in a straight-forward way

– small businesses don’t have to write in corporate lawyer-speak (that no one likes to read or hear anyway); talk like you normally talk, say what you are doing and how it helps the customers

– now is a great time to start building an email list by telling people to sign up so you can keep them informed of changes and of when things return back to normal

– mindset takeaway: don’t apologize to people for emailing them or putting out content or just communicating in general — think of it like you are doing them a favor; don’t be needy or gloomy, instead show a stiff upper lip and demonstrate that your business is there for people

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