Ryan and Sean talk about the ideal type of website for the majority of small businesses in Canada. What is “just right” for features, design, and support?

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– the spectrum of websites roughly follow this: cheap/free Do-It-Yourself (eg. family or friends help you, Wix, Godaddy, Squarespace) >> “just right” for small businesses (customizable layouts, pro support that helps when you need it, no extra bells and whistles) >> custom programming or robust ecommerce

– 99% of small businesses are best served by the middle option above

– reinventing the wheel and doing something fully custom is often a waste of money because there are established website conventions that your users expect, plus it takes way longer to setup and is harder to edit

– it’s good for a small business to have two options for editing their site: a team of pros who can help them AND ability to edit themselves (on an accessible and simple website)

– a new website or redesign is ready to launch when it can answer these three questions: 1. who are you, 2. what do you do, and 3. how do people get in touch with you… then you can add everything else after the launch

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