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All too often, customers fail to appreciate the vast difference between “remanufactured and rebuilt parts.”

Remanufactured parts represent quality far beyond that to be found in any rebuilt part. When a component is remanufactured it is completely disassembled down to the last nut and bolt. It is then cleaned, and physically inspected with the replacement of any components that are worn or damaged.
In contrast, with rebuilt components, a rebuilder simply strips the old unit down only far enough to determine what the failure is and then replaces the failed part or parts.That replacement is often done with used parts in order to make the unit functional again. However, most rebuilders do a good job of cleaning the exterior surfaces so the rebuilt component appears to have been professionally restored. Down underneath those cosmetic changes, the rebuilt component bears little or no likeness in quality to a remanufactured part.

The quality of the remanufacturing process continues after disassembly. When John Stuart Power Brake components are reassembled, a series of checks and re-checks are made to ensure performance, and to make sure each part meets or exceeds the original (O.E.) specifications.

There are bargains to be had in rebuilt components, but in many cases they are questionable bargains.

See the difference for yourself the quality of remanufactured parts from John Stuart Power Brake!

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