Jordan Taylor Coaching

Professional Coaching

My coaching philosophy is to empower individuals to find the tools they need from within to reach their full potential. To thrive in life is not found in the mastery of one aspect, it is about finding that balance in work, lifestyle choices, and relationships. My approach in coaching is to clarify goals, assess engagement and resources, and help you design a plan that takes you to that next step.

My personal truth, I am a people person. I have always worked in roles where I engage regularly with people. Whether it be from my experience in coaching, recruitment, or sales, my passion has always been about building relationships where I can have a positive influence and help others. I have worked with many great people who felt stuck, in need for change and feel as though they have lost control of their life. Through my coaching process, I show the client that they are in full control of their destiny and that it is possible to unlock the skills needed to be the best version of themselves.

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