Nu-air Ventilation Systems

16 Nelson St, Wentworth, NS

Nu-Air Ventilation Systems

Nu-Air designs and manufactures high quality Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV), Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) and Air Exchangers for residential and commercial HVAC applications. Nu-Air HRV and ERV Models range in size from 90cfm (42 l/s) to 5000 cfm (2350 l/s). Nu-Air also manufactures integrated HVAC systems, fan coils and air handlers. Nu-Air products use ECM. Nu-Air products can couple with heat pumps and boilers. In addition, we produce a line of HVAC accessories including grills, hoods, stackheads and filter boxes. HVAC designers, HVAC installers and HVAC customers prefer Nu-Air products becuase they can rely on them for performance and quality in commercial ventilation and residential ventilation. Nu-Air HVAC products control VOC, mold and mildew. Nu-Air HVAC systems help people with alergies or athsma.