Valcoustics Canada Ltd

30 Wertheim Court, Unit 25, Richmond Hill, ON

Valcoustics Canada

Valcoustics Canada Ltd. Has been providing acoustic solutions to building owners and construction companies in Canada for over 50 years. Our team consults with architects, planners, developers, engineers, government officials, and others to determine the structural integrity of the building. We work with both new construction and remodeling/retrofitting teams to ensure that a structure can withstand earthquakes and other vibrations. We also investigate noise and vibration complaints, perform proof of performance testing, monitor construction sites to determine the zone of influence and other requirements, and perform land impact assessments In addition to providing such assessment, the team at Valcoustics Canada Ltd also serves as expert witnesses in court when necessary. Our team members have provided our expertise to court cases, tribunals, and other legal hearings. Our team has worked with various local and state offices on legislation and policies related to noise standards.