Xerowaste Solutions

1231 Pacific Boulevard, suite 202, Vancouver, BC V6Z 0E2

V-Move battery-operated walk-along load movers and tow tractors

Xerowaste Solutions (Vancouver, BC) is the North American authorized distributor and retailer of 55-year old Netherlands manufacturer Verhagen Leiden and their line of 15 V-Move walk-along battery operated load movers and tow tugs. Xerowaste is focused on saving its customers money, reducing injuries, increasing productivity, and reducing their carbon footprint.V-Move is the premium brand in the walk-along load mover industry created over 35 years ago. We back the high quality and durability of their tugs with an industry-leading two-year warranty in North America.V-Move walk-along load movers have many uses to make a task easier, quicker, less costly ,reduce injuries, and with the smallest environmental footprint: Waste bin movers, manufacturing use, grocery cart pushers, aircraft movers, railcar movers and semi-trailer moversé