Murillo Fine Art Restorations

13431 114 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5E 5E5

Murillo Art Restoration and Framing

Murillo Fine Art Restoration and Framing can clean, restore or frame any fine art including but not limited to paintings, photographs, sculptures, figurines, porcelain, documents, parchments, maps or textile works like petit point or tapestry. We can re-glue and restore art works that are chipped, damaged, or broken into pieces. Murillo Restoration can restore any style or period of antique or contemporary porcelains, figurines, pot metals and ormolus or photos. We work with gold and silver leafing. We can recreate any ornamentations, carvings, sculptures, or columns from any period. We can also supply antique frames and convex glass. Murillo Restoration and Framing has provided continuous satisfactory service for the past 74 odd years. Our customers come from all over North America. Murillo Fine Art Restoration and Framing is second to none. If you don't see it here, call us to find out whether we can frame, clean, or restore it for you. Podcast
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