Imtec Crown & Implant Lab

1109-805 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K1

IMTEC Crown & Implant Laboratory Inc.

IMTEC Crown & Implant Laboratory Inc is a Vancouver base laboratory for crowns and implants. For over 20 years Imtec Crown and Implant Lab has served the crown and bridge needs of a wide variety of dentists from across B.C. From a traditional Tucker style gold inlay, to cosmetic veneers, to a digitally created angled screw channel zirconia implant crown, Imtec has always strived to be an industry leader in the creation of quality fixed dental restorations. Imtec provides a full range of fixed restorations, including zirconia, lithium disilicate (E-Max), Empress, PFM, and full gold, coupled with extensive experience creating restorations for all types of implants. Imtec is proud to embrace advances in technology, especially as they enhance the quality of the patient experiences and outcomes.