If you’re totally happy with your website, the service you get, and the price, you can quit reading. Actually, add a quick comment to let me know who your website provider is. I’d love to find out more about any website company that people are really happy with.

One thing I’ve found out from building websites for almost 20 years is that almost nobody is really happy with their website, their website provider, or the price. Not only that, they aren’t really sure if they can get anything better, they don’t have the time to figure it out, it isn’t a priority, and they think it would probably cost too much anyway, so they just stay with an unsatisfactory website that is always annoying them a little bit in the back of their mind.

Issues people usually have with their website or provider:

  • They don’t know what their website is doing for them and they have no way to tell if it is getting any results.
  • It looks old (because it was built a long time ago, it is old!) and the information is way out of date.
  • They are stuck in a contract, then pressured to renew with big promises every year, and always disappointed year after year – we hear this one a lot.
  • It costs way too much. If you’re paying more than $65/month, you are paying too much.
  • They don’t even know who to talk to to get something updated or fixed.
  • They can’t get in touch with anybody for help, or are left on hold with overseas support for 30+ minutes every time.
  • Requests don’t get done for months at a time and you have to keep following up or they never get done.
  • They are too busy, or they think it will cost too much to do anything about fixing these problems.
  • Anything I missed? Add a comment to let me know.

So yes, if you haven’t heard, Websites.ca does eliminate all of these problems, but we were missing one critical part. It would usually take a good amount of time for our new customers to get organized, get all of their information together, and then we had a setup fee usually around $600-$750.

That was one of the main objections we would hear. Customers didn’t want to spend $600-$750 if they already had a website even if it would get rid of all of those problems, and even if they did want to invest the money, they didn’t have the time to deal with all of it.

So here it is, we solved it.

For anybody that already has a website they’re just not satisfied with, we’ll move it over to our service for free. Just like switching your cell phone provider or cable TV provider.

And we won’t just move it over as is, we’ll move it to the latest version of the most popular website software going, WordPress (over 30% of websites run on WordPress now). That means your new website will be modern, professional, and will look and work beautifully on any size screen or mobile device. If you need to make changes going forward, just call or email, we answer the phone! 1 hour of updates, help, training, and advice is included each month.

Our service is only $65/month when you prepay for the year.

Click on the ad banner below to see all of the details, then just fill out the form to get started. We take care of the rest, usually within a week.

Imagine, less than 5 minutes of your time and less then $70 to make all of those problems I listed go away. No contract, no commitment, just a website that works that you’re happy with.

Let’s get started. You’ll thank me!

Act fast because we can’t let this offer run forever. When demand gets too high we’ll have to close it for while.